MVP Ozone - can they live up to their hype?

Homme (Top)


DanDy (Jungle)


dade (Mid)


imp (AD)


Mata (Support)



-          5 – 8th place Champions Winter (0:3 NJSW)

-          5 – 8th place NLB Winter (0:2 NJSHD)

-          7th – 12th place SWL (2W 1T 2L)


Team overview


The MVP progaming team was a household name even before their LoL team was formed due to their successes in the SC2 scene (DRG OP). However, when they announced that they would launch not one but 3 teams in the League of Legends scene many fans were excited to see what kind of a product they would produce.  However, due to unfortunate circumstances, MVP Red was disbanded even before they could compete in a single OGN Champions tournament and MVP blue ended up being the only team to compete during the Summer season (they lost all 3 games to finish last in their group).  In the meanwhile, MVP white competed in the Summer season of NLB and won giving them an automatic bid in the Winter season of OGN the Champions.  In the group stage, MVP White performed admirably exceeding all expectations and finishing second in their group. However, they were overmatched in their quarterfinal set against NJSW and also bowed out to NJSHD in the NLB ending their season. As soon as the season ended, MVP White along with MVP Blue underwent complete overhauls. First, the team was no longer called MVP White but they were now sponsored by Ozone to become MVP Ozone. Second they released their mid player Mima as well as their support Min9 and brought in the former CJ Entus mid laner dade as well as former MVP Red/BBT support player Mata. The result of a revamped roster was remarkable as MVP Ozone won 2:0 against TPA and while they did lose 0:2 to NJSW, both of the games were incredibly close. These results showed that mvp Ozone may become a new powerhouse in the Spring Season.


Team Strengths

Ultra aggressive bot lane


If I had to pick a player who has improved the most throughout the Winter season and before the Spring season I would no doubt choose imp along with his MVP teammate easyhoon. Imp has shown that he has phenomenal mechanics along with his super aggressive play in lane and in team fights. Imp is a player who’s not afraid to flash forward to secure the kill while this does get him into sticky situations from time to time, it works out most of the time. A bot lane however is not complete without the support. Mata and imp has shown a high level of synergy ever since Mata’s arrival and with Mata as a definite upgrade over their previous support small brain and min9, MVP Ozone’s bot lane should be able to compete with any duo in the tournament. 




Being one of the original members of MVP White, DanDy has long been engrained into the memory of many fans being the best member of the team. However now that the level of his teammates had risen considerably, it was yet to be seen if he was just a mediocre player on a bad team or if he indeed was a good player being bogged by bad teammates. In the SWL, he definitely showed the world that he wasn’t just a mediocre player but he had the right to be in the discussion of one of the best junglers in Korea. Against TPA, DanDy single handedly won game 1 and even game 2 by out jungling one of the best junglers in the world Lilballz. The most impressive thing about DanDy’s playing was that he played as if he had a map hack on and he was able to perform successful counter ganks one after the other as well as successful counter jungling time after time. With aggressive jungling being the trend, it’ll be interesting to see how much counter ganking prowess DanDy can exercise during the Spring Season and if he and team MVP Ozone can finally achieve something in the OGN Champions tournament.


**Team Weaknesses**


Inconsistent performance of dade


dade was the number one ranked player on the Korean server for a long time before the original CJ Entus picked him up as their mid lane player. So far in his career, he has shown that on a good day he can play at the highest level but on a bad day, you wouldn’t even be able to notice if dade was in the game. Perhaps this inconsistency was why MVP Ozone first tried to test a controversial mid lane player known as Crumble Cookies (the IWD of Korea, received a 100 yr ban) instead of dade. What’s most frustrating about dade is that he has the mechanics, the champion pool and the competitive experience to be one of the best mid laners but even when he’s having a good game, he can make a really bad mistake that’s costs his team the game (Khazix game against Frost, Jayce game against NJSW in the SWL). Needless to say MVP Ozone will need the good dade if they have any hope of advancing further than the RO8 this time around. 


The ever ordinary top laner Homme


In most cases, ordinary is usually good enough but in the case of the Korean top lane, ordinary will usually make you look really bad. If such was the case for Lpanda last season, then this may become the case for Homme this season. Homme by no means is a bad player, he can farm, he has a decent champion pool and usually he doesn’t feed terribly. However, the problem is that he has never shown the potential to be a difference maker. In the game against NJSW, if Homme could have limited the damage done by PraY much the same way PDD and illusion were able to, there’s no doubt that MVP would have won 2:0 to NJSW instead of losing by that same score. Unfortunately for MVP Ozone, Homme would always get decimated before he even had a chance to go in on PraY every time because he would be very predictable in trying to go after PraY which led to successful disengagements one after the other, separating the initiating tanks from the rest of the team each time. Homme will need to improve his game or risk being the new star for Monte and doa’s Agony series. 


Bad late game management


The current MVP Ozone in many ways remind me of the old NJ SWD in its infancy. In their lane phase they can usually get ahead thanks to the aggressive plays coming out from the mid lane and the bot lane along with some well-timed ganks. The problem arises when it comes for time for team fighting to occur. They showed that even with a moderate lead, MVP Ozone would engage in team fights only to come out even or losing in their matches against TPA and NJ SWD. In the latter match, their continual disadvantage in team fights was what cost them the victory in both matches. This may be a result of having a new roster as the team is probably still taking time to figure out their respective roles in different types of situations. Regardless, if they truly want to be recognized as an elite team, then they must learn to snowball their advantages to victory

Key Player: dade (Mid)


Even with their influence being reduced in Season 3, mid players can still decide the outcome of a game more often than not. This is the reason why dade is cruicial for MVP Ozone’s success this season. With a less than stellar top liner, dade has to be the backbone of this team along with imp and DanDy to be a reliable force every match. Dade has already shown on his previous team which eerily resembles his current team (mediocre top, good jungle and good bot lane) that how well he performs is closely correlated to how well his team performs. As such it will be interesting if he can live up to expectations and show everyone why he was the former number 1 ranked player in Korea. 


Season expectations


MVP Ozone is a tough team to judge while I do believe they are one of the better teams around, it’s uncertain if they can compete with the top teams yet. If they can replicate what they did during the group stage last year, then I do believe they can go further than last year should they get a favourable match-up (team style wise). However, with a field as deep as this year’s Champion’s Spring Team MVP Ozone may be the tough luck miss-outs in the group stage. I expect 3 ~ 5th spot in the group stage for them. 

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