OGN Power Rankings – Week

1. KT Rolster B – considering that all of the top teams from last season went 0:2 against teams that they had never faced before, KT B fared better than them by going 1:1 against ahq. It is also hard to argue with the form that KT B had coming into the tournament thus they get the nod for 1. (Next wk vs NJ SHD)

2. MVP Blueafter having the hottest off season, MVP Blue lived up to their recent hype with their methodical destruction of last year’s champions Najin Sword. What’s more impressive is that the Sword team was able to beat TPS later that weak in the SWL tournament showing that they weren’t totally out of shape. Time will tell if this year’s MVP Blue will finally break out of their OGN Champions miseries of recent seasons. (Next wk vs MVP Ozone)

3. SKT T1 (2) – You can only say “wow” after watching this team beat Blaze in a dominating fashion. With unprecedented hype coming into the tournament, T2 showed that the hype was much deserved. Next week they’ll have a chance to solidify their place in the KR LoL scene when they face last year’s champions Sword who will be motivated to make amends for their embarrassing first week performance by being T2. (Next wk vs Najin Sword)

4. CJ Entus Frost – Even with a change in the roster, Frost was still Frost both good and bad. Frost still looked like the team who can out team fight any team in the world but they also showed that they can be blown out of the water during the laning phase when Templar becomes irrelevant in the game.  (next wk vs ahq KR)

5. SKT T1 (1) – The first team of SKT had a mixed bag of results against Frost. In the first game they were able to successfully run away with the game through relentless aggression coming from all sides but in the second game, Raven was being caught out lef and right and it cost them dearly. (next wk vs LG-IM)

6. MVP Ozone the other team in group A to take a victory was MVP Ozone and they were able to do it through incredible playing from dade, imp and Mata. However, the games that MVP Ozone played were definitely the sloppiest of all the games played this week and ozone will need to clean up on this areas for the future. (next wk vs MVP Blue)

7. ahq Korea ahq definitely impressed after a strong showing against KT B in their Champions appearance. The players were definitely ready to show what they were capable of and with some help from KT B, they were able to make a statement in their match. However, next week will be a stern challenge again as ahq squares off against the old timers CJ Entus Frost (next wk vs CJ Entus Frost)

8. Najin Shield – Locodoco has to have lost some sleep after the team’s epic meltdown against LG-IM in the final minutes of their second game which cost Shield a very impressive 2:0 sweep of a weak LG-IM. It doesn’t get any better for Locodoco and company as they face the fan favourites KT Rolster B in what could be Shield’s biggest challenge in this group. (next wk vs KT B)

9. CJ Entus Blaze – Given Blaze’s tendency to lose against talented new teams, it wasn’t a big surprise that T2 was able to give Blaze more than they could handle. Even in the defeat, Blaze showed glimpse of why they are considered one of the best teams in Korea led by their top laner Flame. Things should be easier for Blaze this week as they square off against KT A (next wk vs KT A)

10. Najin Sword – was Sword possibly looking beyond their OGN Champions opponents and looking at their SWL opponents TPS? Whatever the case may be, Sword definitely needs to snap themselves out of their inexplicable slump and at least survive the group stage. Next week will be a tough test for Sword yet again as they face Faker and company. Sword better hope that SSONG and Watch are on their game or they will struggle mightily  (next wk vs SKT T1 (2))

11. KT A – The play of Zero and Kakao was solid and the bot lane was serviceable in their match against MVP Ozone but with Vitamin playing badly in both matches, KT A was under the mercy of imp and dade who imposed their will on KT A in the two matches. With Flame being Vitamin’s opponent next week, look for the agony of Vitamin to continue next week. (next wk vs CJ Entus Blaze)

12. LG-IM – The comeback kids of the week, LG-IM was involved in one of the most bizarre finishes ever in a LoL match. LG-IM will definitely take anything that comes their way and Lilac’s expression after the second game against Shield definitely summed up LG-IM’s hard fought victory. With SKT T1 next week, LG-IM may try to sneak a victory by a T1 team that can sometimes be overaggressive. (next wk vs SKT T1 (1))

Also working on a more comprehensive match review for each match



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