Team VTG announces their roster for NLB 

Team Virtual Throne Gaming, formed by the former WoW player DrakeDog was delegated tot he NLB after losing to ahq during the offline finals for the OGN Champions Spring. The team has now named themselves VTG Monsters and have named their complete roster. This team will look to go far in the NLB and potentially make it to the champions stage next year (started off poorly with a loss to Xenics Storm in their first match of group stage in the NLB however)

VTG Lucifer (ADC) - Captain

VTG Toten (Jungle)

VTG soft (Supp)

VTG Mes (Top) 

VTG buno (Mid)

FXOpen announces the creation of a Korean LoL team

Soon after the announcing the formation of a professional Dota 2 team in Korea, FXOpen has announced that they have picked up an all high-schooler team from a high school LoL club to represent their brand in the KR LoL scene. It will be interesting to see how far they can go as a group of friends starting out their careers together at such a young age. 

Nicegametv announces that the winners of their TESORO progamer academy program will be immediately able to sign a contract with an unknown professional organization

In a recent announcement, has made an announcement that the winners of the pro academy will be picked up by a well known organization and will receive a pro contract immediately. The announcement on who this organization may be is set to be made on May 13th.

Sources: LoL inven, Fomos, Leaguethis

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