iG vs NJ SWD

League of Legends 2013.03.27 06:31

Warning Spoilers

Today's matchup of iG and NJ SWD was rather a lop sided match-up. I felt that it was a clash between a team already in-season form vs a team that was still tuning to get ready for their season (in addition to being mired in a mini-slump). It also showed us that iG as a team has grown considerably and that beating WE in the LPL was no fluke at all. 

Game 1 picks and bans 

iG bans: Twisteed Fate, Sona, Evelyn

SWD bans: Jarvan, Miss Fortune, Elise 

iG picks: Lulu, Voli, Malp, Varus, Diana 

SWD picks: Rumble, Thresh, Kayle, Kogmaw, Xin Zhao

In Game 1 of the set, iG got an early lead when they got fb on Kayle and never looked back. Zz1tai on Diana and Illusion on Volibear was causing mayhem and havoc throughout and Sword simply did not have an answer for either of these two. And when PDD recovered from being set behind by laning in a 2 v 1, the flood gates really opened and sword simply had no chance of winning beyond that point. PraY did admirably considering that his solo laners were performing subpar but against iG's extreme dive comp, PraY could do not but watch as his team cast a surrender vote in Game 1. 

Things to note from Game 1: Ssong's questionable first item Hexdrinker on Kayle, impeccable dragon timing from iG, the ineffectiveness of Watch. 

Game 1 picks and bans 

iG bans: Twisteed Fate, Sona, Evelyn

SWD bans: Jarvan, Miss Fortune, Rumble 

iG picks: Elise, Lulu, Varus, Karthus, Hecarim 

SWD picks: Shen, Voli, Kayle, Thresh, Twitch

In Game 2 of the set, NJ SWD was the one to have a head start as they were able to get fb on illusion but in the lane, Kayle was constantly being out played by Karthus losing trade after trade before lv 6. Even though SWD was winning in the top lane and even in the bottom lane, iG was able to pull off successful dragons since Zz1tai's Karthus was too much for SWD to handle. During mid game the gold was even and it looked like the game could go either way and Zz1tai's Karthus did get caught out a couple of times leading to the gold being even for quite a while. However as soon as Zz1tai bought his Seraph's embrace, the game was effectively over as Karthus was not insta killable and iG would do a great job of diving towards Twitch and killing him each time a team fight broke out. In the end the game was a rout (Zz1tai troll requiem and celebratory Zhonya's from PDD) as iG took the 2nd Game on a surrender as well. 

Things to note from Game 2: Ssong's stubborn choice going hexdrinker once again. MakNooN's best performance in a long time. Zz1tai and illusion's amazing carry. 

Wrap-up: SWD really needs to pick their game up if they want a shot at competing not only in the SWL but in OGN Champions. Every team has bad days and different times when they peak but the performance that SWD gave was very lack luster. 

On the other hand iG just showed us that the Chinese scene definitely needs more recognition with their trouncing of a very good team. If iG can keep this pace up for the rest of the Season, then they will be a very scary team to face come S3 world championships. 

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