1. 2013.03.26 AhQ Korea (1)

When I`m watching foreign tournaments (such as LPL) I find it difficult to really get into if I don`t know about many teams (other than the famous WE, iG and to some extent Royal and OMG)


So as an avid follower of this scene I decided to review one team each day (alphabetical order) before the OGN spring season starts so some people who may not be avid followers of the scene can at least know which team is which.

Be warned! The reviews come from what I`ve seen in matches mainly and they're based on my opinion so some ppl may disagree


So we start off with


AHQ Korea

Trace (top)

ActScene (Jungle)

HooN (Mid)

Promise (AD)

Loray (Support)


Team overview

When the famous Taiwanese organization announced that they would be making a sister team in Korea, people were wondering what kind of a team they would put together. When it was announced that the team would be captained by the former NJ Shield midlaner HooN people were quick to dismiss the team as HooN was viewed as a player rather beyond his prime. In any case what HooN brings to the team is vast competitive experience and the leadership he can provide to the younger players. The other members of the team is composed mostly of high ranked soloq players who have never had competitive experience in a team setting (Promise did try out with NJ SWD but PraY was much better at the time). The question for this team will be if they can meld together as a team and adapt to the lan setting in a relatively short time to perform in what is the deepest field of OGN Champions to date.


Team Strengths/Weaknesses

From their limited competitive exposure (Champions qualifying and Battle royale), it can be seen that they suffer generally from the general problems that most of the younger teams suffer mostly in trying to manage the game. This was evident especially in their match against VTG when they had to go 3 games against an amateur team. Also HooN still remains a question mark whether he would be able to hold his own against other top tier midlaners in the tournament.

Even with all their problems, their bot lane, especially the support Loray (who mains kayle supp), had an impressive showing in their appearances. The top laner Trace and jungler ActScene both have aggressive playing styles. ActScene especially plays in the mold of inSec and it will be interesting how ActScene will fare against other much more famous and experienced junglers. The combined aggression of jungle and top could also very well serve as an important tool to shut down the horde of established top laners in korea. It should also be mentioned that being such established high ranked soloq players, all members of the team have good micro skills which is always a plus and even a necessity when you’re going up against other people with similar or even better micro skills. 

Key Player: HooN (mid)

I could have mentioned Trace or ActScene or even imo their best player in Loray as the key player but I give HooN the nod as AhQ Korea’s key player for success. HooN is a player that has a lot to prove. From being released on the Najin Shield team to becoming the Captain of this new born team is no doubt a daunting task. As the oldest member of the team, HooN will not only have to provide in-game guidance but also guidance outside of the game to the other members since managing mental states is also a huge part of professional gaming. Aside from these responsibilities HooN will be expected to compete with other monsters in the midlane and none of them at this point are considered to be below HooN in skills. Form HooN and all of AhQ Korea, this tournament will be an important one to prove that they are for real and one of the contenders in the deep Korean region.


Season expectations 

I consider AhQ as the weakest out of the twelve until they prove otherwise. So unless something happens I expect them to be top 4 in the NLB at season’s end. 

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