so I was actually gunna post about See Saw cause I liked their songs but ran into this.. and thought wow studio live sounds not much different from the recording. (you can kinda tell it is a real live cause of her high parts aren't as smooth)

Also Seed had its good share of music...

Kimi Ga Nozomun Eien

Ani 2010.05.02 12:44
Plot synposis: The main character in the story Narumi Takayuki, is a normal high school student in his last year of high school. Narumi's good friends with Taira Shinji and Hayase Mitsuki but they are preoccupied with studying for university entrance exams and swimming training leaving Takayuki to be feeling alone. However, Mitsuki introduces Takayuki to a girl named Suzumiya Haruka and from then on things would never be the same again with Takayuki, Mitsuki, Shinji and Haruka.

Story: 9.9/10 - Basically this anime's heart and soul can be attributed to two factors, Plot and character (most are like that aren't they :P). What made this so captivating is that although it only went for 13 EP, it had a captivating plot to the end with lots of twists and turns. I'm not the biggest fan of drama type or romance type of anime but I can live with it if it is as good as this was.

Character: 9/10 - Throughout the series, there are only maybe 6 prominent characters but they all have their character development and crucial roles in the plot. Although the main protagonist is Narumi Takayuki, the writer was no slouch when it comes to involving all the prominent characters in an intricate way (although in the end, all of the characters have their common link in Takayuki)

Audio: 7.5/10 - I liked the ending theme of the anime because it was pretty(?) and the lyrics were very fitting I thought. But overall I thought that the OST was lacking compared to other shows with better OSTs. The CVs on the other hand were pretty well done especially Haruka and Takayuki.

Video: 8/10 - I do have to take in the account that this show is pretty ancient and the techniques used during that era is quite old compared to todays. Accounting for that fact, I thought the animation was pretty mediocre, it wasn't great but it wasn't poorly done either.

Etc.: 10/10 - Why does this get a 10? Because out of all the anime of this type, (Romance, Harem) This one is the best one that I've seen to date (I haven't seen Clannad so I can;t compare the two yet...but clannad is apparently as good as this). The emotional factor of this show I think gets it the high rating. I remember when ZI was watching this it made me really sad and this along with Code Geass R2 were really the only ones to produce that sort of an effect for me.

Overall: 44.4/50 - Very Good!

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These two are my favourites from that album.
The ani was... a very generic harem romance anime nothing special about it.


Ani 2010.03.16 13:00
It's an animation based off Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
The show is set in the distant future and begins in Luna (the moon) where Albert (the main character) meets Count of Montecristo when the Count saves him from bandits when Albert is kidnapped (like in the novel). This encounter which seems to be purely coincidental begins a close freindship between Albert and the Count.
(If you read the novel you will know the reason why the Count befriends Albert).
After leaving Luna to go back to his home in Paris, Albert's life seems peaceful and back to normal until the day the Count of Monte Cristo visits Albert again in Paris telling him that he has bought a house in Paris. 
This is where the thrilling tale of revenge, love, betrayal and friendship begins...

Having watched the movie rendition and read the original novel by Dumas, this animated rendition of The Count of Monte Cristo by Mahiro Maeda is unique and brilliant in its own right. Maeda takes a well known story and paints it as he sees fit. And I must admit that this was one ani that I've enjoyed watching.
Story: 9/10
Visually, the style of the drawing was very unqiue especially with the clothes, scenary, vehicles etc. and the patterning that they were given.
Video: 9/10
I can't remember the sounds and the music tracks that were inserted in the show all that clearly except for near then end when the scenes got intense. At those moments, the OST was very fitting and the ending song was also well placed. The CVs weren't particularly bad and the voices for Albert, Count, Fernand and Mercedes were especially fitting and considering they are the main characters, it is important.
Audio 8/10
Overall, the animation was well done with new elements added on top of the original template laid out by Dumas. It made the story not repetitive to viewers who already have read the novel while keeping the main elements within the story. When considering enjoyment, story, character, animation, sound and other factors, Gankutsuoh was one of the most compelling anime I have ever seen to date.
Overall rating: 9.5/10

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