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Last Exile

Ani 2010.03.21 11:38
This anime is a story about a boy named Claus Varca and Lavie Head. Claus and Lavie al;ways performed low level (low risk) missions but one day they meet a dying pilot and take over his unfulfilled mission. This sets duo off on an unforgettable adventure.

Story: What made this anime great is probably story and character. The beginning was somewhat weird and difficult to understand as far as I remember but the story became increasingly engaging through to the end. This was also one of the only animes to have a decent ending. (others don't even have endings *ahem* inuyasha...)

Character: The characters in the show were pretty unique and memorable and it wasn't just the main characters that stood out. The main supporting characters were also very intriguing themselves and made the ani more complete. That's not to say all the chars in the story were perfect but nothing can be perfect so.

Audio: It's odd when I can't remember the OST for an ani or if I don't have it as a collection. It probably means that the OST wasn't good or it was so rare I couldn't find it. The latter is quite rare so I would have to go with the former. The CV on the other hand I remember well suited the chars except there was a kind of annoying voice somewhere but one voice can't ruin it for everyone so.

Video: The style of animation in the ani wasn't unique by any means. That being said, just because it isn't unique it doesn't mean the animation quality is bad (the converse is true as well). The drawings and scenes were done well. I thought the flying bits could have been better but considering the show aired in 2003, it was probably good for the tech at that time.

Etc: If you were looking for a fun filled easy to watch show, this wouldn't be it BUT most shows that are very light and such wouldn't have quite the impact that shows which are deeper and try to have some meaning in them have. This ani has its moments but it is not haha fun-filled enjopyment by any stretch but if you want to watch something that was "good" and memorable when you have time, this might fit the bill.

Overall: 43.5/50 (4 and 1/2 stars???)

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