so I was actually gunna post about See Saw cause I liked their songs but ran into this.. and thought wow studio live sounds not much different from the recording. (you can kinda tell it is a real live cause of her high parts aren't as smooth)

Also Seed had its good share of music...

낙인 - 임재범

Music 2010.07.15 11:19

OST for a drama that was a pretty big hit. I kind of liked it but the ending was kind of bleh

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Si Ul (시울) - 사랑, 잔인한 그대  (0) 2010.07.18
낙인 - 임재범  (0) 2010.07.15
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Wavin' Flag' by K'naan (Official World Cup Theme Song) on QTV  (0) 2010.07.08
Travie McCoy: Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars  (2) 2010.07.06

so I was listening to the OST for bad guy and was like this sounds similar to the other guy I know and voila
Their voice is diff for sure but the timbre in their voice is similar I think

Night time - Alex

Music 2010.04.16 04:16

I didn't know que sera sera had good OSTs lol.

Its an OST from a drama, Que Sera Sera.

So apparently this orchestra specializes in game and animati9n OSTs? whatever the case sounds very good.

These two are my favourites from that album.
The ani was... a very generic harem romance anime nothing special about it.