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OGN Power Rankings – Week  2

1.      KT Rolster B (Last wk 1) – Most impressive thing about KT B this week wasn’t that they played well as a unit or that they showed the ability to dominate when given the chance it was their ability to adapt to situations and make adjustments on the fly. In the first game against Shield, the game looked to be a repeat of their first match against ahq but KT B was able to make the tactical decision of sacrificing ssumday so that inSec could grow as a carry threat and this worked to perfection as inSec was able to garner MVP honours. The team however will need ssumday to step up his game for their future matches for KT B to succeed against the stronger teams. (Next wk vs LG-IM)

2.       CJ Entus Frost  (Last wk 4) – Frost played like their usual selves against the weak ahq Korea team even without their normal line-up. In typical Frost fashion, both matches were even or disadvantageous for Frost in the early going but after the 20 minute mark Frost was able to showcase their superior team fighting and game management abilities en route to two relatively easy victories. Even though Space and Muse had their chance to shine this week, look for Hermes and MadLife to make a triumphant comeback next week when Frost faces off against their biggest rivals Shield in the highly anticipated “LoL Classico” match (Next wk vs NJ SHD)

3.       SKT T1 (2)  (Last wk 3) – Even though T2 seemed outmatched by a hungry Sword team, they were able to eke out a draw with a good comeback victory. T2 displayed superb game management abilities which aren’t often seen from a new team like T2. They also displayed their ability to recuperate from a devastating loss mentally and play a well-executed game when the second game seemed to be a repeat of the first game. Unfortunately for T2, the brutal schedule continues when they meet the other hot team of group A in MVP Blue next week. (Next wk vs. MVP Blue)

4.       MVP Blue (Last wk 2) – MVP Blue ended  up with a draw in two closely contested matches to their sister team MVP Ozone. Even though MVP Blue had the advantage in the first game, they were unable to cope with the Blitzcrank pick but they recovered by having a vastly superior team fighting  compared to Ozone in the second match. This week definitely showed some weaknesses in MVP Blue’s playing especially ChuNyang who played very inconsistently in both matches and the bot lane who was being out played by the imp/mata lane. MVP Blue will face a true test next week when they face the talented T2 team (Next wk vs SKT T1 (2))

5.       Najin Sword (Last wk 10) – The defending champions were able to take the kids to school this week when Najin Sword was able to stomp T2 in their first game. Even though they lost the second game, this along with their SWL match, was the Sword team that we were used to seeing. PraY and Cain played like their usual dominant selves being able to bully their opposition but much of Sword’s resurgence goes to the revitalized play of SSONG, Watch and MakNooN. Watch especially was impressive in the last week because he realized that when he was performing bad, he was becoming nothing more than a walking pink ward thus Watch tried much hard to make an impression early and often which definitely worked out for the better. With SSONG and Watch showing vast improvements on their form, Sword becomes one of the most dangerous teams again. (Next wk vs. KT A)

6.       MVP Ozone (Last wk 6) – MVP Ozone played well in the two matches against their sister team Blue considering all the volatility involved with an in-house affair. However, Ozone was out managed in both games by their sister team and if it weren’t for Mata’s great grabs this week’s outcome could have easily been a 2:0 for MVP Blue. MVP Ozone will need to find ways to create an environment that dade and imp can carry in going forward. Much of this burden will fall under Homme and DanDy who will need to provide their carries this room for their team’s success. With their matchup against Blaze next week, MVP Ozone will look to go on full offensive during the entire match and exploit Blaze’s weaknesses. (Next wk vs. CJ Entus Blaze)

7.       SKT T1 (1) (Last wk 5) – After a disappointing showing against LG-IM this week, T1 will need to think long and hard about their ADC problems as the tournament progresses. In both of the games Raven was caught out many times and he failed to make much impact in the game after often being outplayed by Paragon and Lasha. With an ineffective ADC, it will be difficult for SKT1 to compete against teams with strong bot lanes. It will be interesting to see how Reapered and company decide to deal with this pressing matter in order for T1 to become a more consistent team moving forward. (Next wk vs. ahq Korea)

8.       CJ Entus Blaze (Last wk 9) – Blaze showed the same weaknesses that failed them last week and the same weaknesses that have been pestering them ever since the Winter season in their match against KT A. Even though Flame played very well in both matches as Kennen, Helios remained a non-factor and the bot lane struggled when they had to go 2 vs 2 against Hiro and Me5 in the first match. Added to the fact that Ambition was subdued by constant ganks from KakaO, it was no surprise that Blaze lost the match again in a rout. However, unlike last week, Blaze did recover in the second game with a great game from Flame and a Pentakill from Ambition on Khazix. However, their bot lane and jungle still remains a huge liability for the team going forward especially Helios who really needs to break out of his slump or Blaze may end up being relegated to the NLB for the first time in the team’s history. (Next wk vs. MVP Blue)  

9.       KT A (Last wk 11) – KT A played very well against Blaze in both sets with KakO and Zero quietly becoming top players in their respective roles. KTA’s problem however still lies in their top laner Vitamin who was badly outplayed by the opposing top laner Flame in both games. Even though Vitamin had some nice ultimates with Rumble in the second game, he was a liability in both 1 v 1 and 2 v 2 situations which was tough for KT A to deal with. With an ineffective top laner and an ordinary bot lane, KT A will have to rely on Zero and KakaO to carry every single game. (Next wk vs NJ Sword)

10.   Najin Shield (Last wk 8) – After impressing during the first week of competition with their crisp play, Najin Shield started off their match against the mighty KT B in a similar fashion to last week when they managed to grab an early lead. However they squandered their early game lead ultimately resulting in a 0:2 defeat for the team. Shield will need to brush up on their poor calls and poor team fighting after reviewing their play from this week. Some of the blame for Shield’s poor playing has to be placed on vinylcat who was hardly noticeable in both of the games as Janna. Shield (especially Loco) will prepare extra hard for their next match as Loco will square off against his old teammates in the highly anticipated rivalry match. (Next wk vs. Frost)  

11.   LG-IM (Last wk 12) – IM definitely showed they were no pushovers when they managed to draw against SKT1 this week behind some great plays from Lilac and Lasha on their signature champions. Even the new member Smeb had a decent outing in the first match when IM was able to dominate T1 from start to finish. However, IM still showed their weak game management in the second game when T1 was able to stay close to IM despite falling behind early and eventually winning out with a great series of team fights. For LG-IM to be successful, Lilac will need to spread his Jarvan skills onto other jungle champions as he’s shown that when that Jarvan pick is not available to him, his effectiveness decreases significantly. Life doesn’t get any easier for Lilac and co as they face InSec and co next week. (Next wk vs KT B)  

12.   ahq Korea (Last wk 7) – after having an impressive introduction to the scene, ahq was quick to show every why they were considered to be the weakest team in the tournament. The highlight of ahq’s ineptitude came from the support play Loray who uncharacteristically whiffed on two Crescendos which made Elementz’s Crescendos look good in comparison. Even though the games were definitely close between the two teams, the superior team fighting from Frost made it clear that ahq was not going to come out as victors as the game progressed.  The plays from ActScene and Trace still remained top notch and they tried their best to will their team to victory but the bot lane and mid were out classed and ahq just didn’t have enough fire power to deal with Frost. Ahq will need a repeat performance of first week from their bot lane duo if they want to have a chance of winning some matches in the future (Next wk vs. SKT T1 (1))



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OGN Power Rankings – Week

1. KT Rolster B – considering that all of the top teams from last season went 0:2 against teams that they had never faced before, KT B fared better than them by going 1:1 against ahq. It is also hard to argue with the form that KT B had coming into the tournament thus they get the nod for 1. (Next wk vs NJ SHD)

2. MVP Blueafter having the hottest off season, MVP Blue lived up to their recent hype with their methodical destruction of last year’s champions Najin Sword. What’s more impressive is that the Sword team was able to beat TPS later that weak in the SWL tournament showing that they weren’t totally out of shape. Time will tell if this year’s MVP Blue will finally break out of their OGN Champions miseries of recent seasons. (Next wk vs MVP Ozone)

3. SKT T1 (2) – You can only say “wow” after watching this team beat Blaze in a dominating fashion. With unprecedented hype coming into the tournament, T2 showed that the hype was much deserved. Next week they’ll have a chance to solidify their place in the KR LoL scene when they face last year’s champions Sword who will be motivated to make amends for their embarrassing first week performance by being T2. (Next wk vs Najin Sword)

4. CJ Entus Frost – Even with a change in the roster, Frost was still Frost both good and bad. Frost still looked like the team who can out team fight any team in the world but they also showed that they can be blown out of the water during the laning phase when Templar becomes irrelevant in the game.  (next wk vs ahq KR)

5. SKT T1 (1) – The first team of SKT had a mixed bag of results against Frost. In the first game they were able to successfully run away with the game through relentless aggression coming from all sides but in the second game, Raven was being caught out lef and right and it cost them dearly. (next wk vs LG-IM)

6. MVP Ozone the other team in group A to take a victory was MVP Ozone and they were able to do it through incredible playing from dade, imp and Mata. However, the games that MVP Ozone played were definitely the sloppiest of all the games played this week and ozone will need to clean up on this areas for the future. (next wk vs MVP Blue)

7. ahq Korea ahq definitely impressed after a strong showing against KT B in their Champions appearance. The players were definitely ready to show what they were capable of and with some help from KT B, they were able to make a statement in their match. However, next week will be a stern challenge again as ahq squares off against the old timers CJ Entus Frost (next wk vs CJ Entus Frost)

8. Najin Shield – Locodoco has to have lost some sleep after the team’s epic meltdown against LG-IM in the final minutes of their second game which cost Shield a very impressive 2:0 sweep of a weak LG-IM. It doesn’t get any better for Locodoco and company as they face the fan favourites KT Rolster B in what could be Shield’s biggest challenge in this group. (next wk vs KT B)

9. CJ Entus Blaze – Given Blaze’s tendency to lose against talented new teams, it wasn’t a big surprise that T2 was able to give Blaze more than they could handle. Even in the defeat, Blaze showed glimpse of why they are considered one of the best teams in Korea led by their top laner Flame. Things should be easier for Blaze this week as they square off against KT A (next wk vs KT A)

10. Najin Sword – was Sword possibly looking beyond their OGN Champions opponents and looking at their SWL opponents TPS? Whatever the case may be, Sword definitely needs to snap themselves out of their inexplicable slump and at least survive the group stage. Next week will be a tough test for Sword yet again as they face Faker and company. Sword better hope that SSONG and Watch are on their game or they will struggle mightily  (next wk vs SKT T1 (2))

11. KT A – The play of Zero and Kakao was solid and the bot lane was serviceable in their match against MVP Ozone but with Vitamin playing badly in both matches, KT A was under the mercy of imp and dade who imposed their will on KT A in the two matches. With Flame being Vitamin’s opponent next week, look for the agony of Vitamin to continue next week. (next wk vs CJ Entus Blaze)

12. LG-IM – The comeback kids of the week, LG-IM was involved in one of the most bizarre finishes ever in a LoL match. LG-IM will definitely take anything that comes their way and Lilac’s expression after the second game against Shield definitely summed up LG-IM’s hard fought victory. With SKT T1 next week, LG-IM may try to sneak a victory by a T1 team that can sometimes be overaggressive. (next wk vs SKT T1 (1))

Also working on a more comprehensive match review for each match



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