dis song is chills.
But man bruno mars sings at like a key that's one or two notes too high ): in this and as well as in nothing on you........a really good voice though

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Although this song is played quite a bit even nowadays, it's still a song I like o listen to from time to time.

On a side note cannot study wtf.

nice melody and as always fast rapping


Pe2ny (pronounced Penny) is the genius song writer that Tablo talks about in many of Epik High's songs and when you listen to the songs he makes you can tell why.

Dis is one of my favourites

"She wants...Techno, Medium tempo? Hell no"

Supreme Team - Supermagic

Music 2010.03.18 10:28

This actually isn't them but the crew is pretty damn cool.
It is a good song though. Very fun.