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Kimi Ga Nozomun Eien

Ani 2010.05.02 12:44
Plot synposis: The main character in the story Narumi Takayuki, is a normal high school student in his last year of high school. Narumi's good friends with Taira Shinji and Hayase Mitsuki but they are preoccupied with studying for university entrance exams and swimming training leaving Takayuki to be feeling alone. However, Mitsuki introduces Takayuki to a girl named Suzumiya Haruka and from then on things would never be the same again with Takayuki, Mitsuki, Shinji and Haruka.

Story: 9.9/10 - Basically this anime's heart and soul can be attributed to two factors, Plot and character (most are like that aren't they :P). What made this so captivating is that although it only went for 13 EP, it had a captivating plot to the end with lots of twists and turns. I'm not the biggest fan of drama type or romance type of anime but I can live with it if it is as good as this was.

Character: 9/10 - Throughout the series, there are only maybe 6 prominent characters but they all have their character development and crucial roles in the plot. Although the main protagonist is Narumi Takayuki, the writer was no slouch when it comes to involving all the prominent characters in an intricate way (although in the end, all of the characters have their common link in Takayuki)

Audio: 7.5/10 - I liked the ending theme of the anime because it was pretty(?) and the lyrics were very fitting I thought. But overall I thought that the OST was lacking compared to other shows with better OSTs. The CVs on the other hand were pretty well done especially Haruka and Takayuki.

Video: 8/10 - I do have to take in the account that this show is pretty ancient and the techniques used during that era is quite old compared to todays. Accounting for that fact, I thought the animation was pretty mediocre, it wasn't great but it wasn't poorly done either.

Etc.: 10/10 - Why does this get a 10? Because out of all the anime of this type, (Romance, Harem) This one is the best one that I've seen to date (I haven't seen Clannad so I can;t compare the two yet...but clannad is apparently as good as this). The emotional factor of this show I think gets it the high rating. I remember when ZI was watching this it made me really sad and this along with Code Geass R2 were really the only ones to produce that sort of an effect for me.

Overall: 44.4/50 - Very Good!

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