낙인 - 임재범

Music 2010.07.15 11:19

OST for a drama that was a pretty big hit. I kind of liked it but the ending was kind of bleh

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so I was listening to the OST for bad guy and was like this sounds similar to the other guy I know and voila
Their voice is diff for sure but the timbre in their voice is similar I think

I like this song for some reason.. even though I really don't like latte (I think)

ANOTHER one I looked at b/c of the name @_@
At first I thought they were gunna do a heart beat dance..

Lol the beginning dance reminded me of power rangers. Another group that got my attention because of name not music :p

For a debut... that's not half bad. TBH their name was what caught my eye lol not so much their music but yea.

On a side note why do all boy band rappers need to have a voice that deep???

I randomly stumbled into this band when I was browsing...

The music is pretty chill and the MV is uh unique

one of the best korean compilation albums ever

nice melody and as always fast rapping