1. 2013.03.29 SKT T1 (2)
  2. 2013.03.27 iG vs NJ SWD
  3. 2013.03.26 MVP Ozone
  4. 2013.03.26 CJ Entus Blaze
  5. 2013.03.26 AhQ Korea (1)

SKT T1 Team 2 – The KTB of this tournament?


Impact (Top)


Bengi (Jungle)


Faker (Mid)


Piglet (ADC)


PoohManDu (Supp)


Team Review 

The famous e-sports organization SK Telecom T1 gained their fame through their strong showings in the StarCraft scene. Led by the legendary Boxer, SKT T1 has always been known for their strong Terran players and they made their mark in the e-sports scene by winning many tournaments. With the announcement that SC1 would hold its last proleague, the SKT organization looked at the possibility of jumping into the ever-expanding LoL scene. They started off by acquiring Reapered who mutually terminated his contract with Blaze just before the Winter season and also acquiring the former StarTale jungler kkoma as their coach. If SKT T1’s first team was built by Reapered, the second team was built by the two coaches kkoma and L.i.e.S. Through many hours and days spent on recruiting, SKT T1’s second team was able to assemble one of the most talented rosters in the scene.

The SKT2 line-up is headlined by the former number one ranker in Korea, Faker. Faker was definitely a commodity in the off-season and there were many rumours of Faker being picked up by teams who were looking for a mid laner. Fortunately for SKT, kkoma was quick to act and contact Faker who was trying to get a sponsor with his amateur team. The other highly talent individual on this roster who has never seen competitive play is Piglet. Piglet is a player who was cited by many pro players (such as imp) to be a good ADC player and he was a consistent top 50 ranked player ever since season 2. The 3 remaining members of the roster have had some competitive exposure. Impact the top laner is the most well-known player on the team being a former member of Xenics Storm. PoohManDu is the other well-known player on this team and he used to be the support player for GSG and he also used to be a famous player in the Chaos scene with the former RoMG team (WC3 DOTA variant). Finally bengi was a member of BBT (the former MVP Red) before he joined SKT2.


Team Strengths

 Talent of the new generation players

People normally refer to players who were high ranked players on the NA server as the first generation pro players. Now with the Korean server being in service for just over a year, the popularity of LoL in Korea has skyrocketed and this has led to many talented young individuals being discovered by the pro teams. If a team like CJ Frost is an assembly of talent first gen players, this new SKT2 team is a showcase of the talented second gen players who gained fame inside the KR server.

There are 3 members of the team who can be described in this fashion and it is Faker, Piglet and bengi. Not surprisingly all 3 of these players have very noticeable features in their playing. All of these players were cited by many as the top 3 amateurs in their respective positions who’ve reached the pro playing level. All 3 of these individuals also show top tier level mechanics and amazing game sense which allows them to make flashy plays. Finally, all these individuals have shown to have a large champion pool in their arsenal.

While the ADC role is quite limited in their choice of champions, you can see that in ranked Piglet actually only plays AD 60% of the time (with Lee being his third(!) most played) showing his flexibility for other roles. When he gets to play the ADC roles, what strikes me most about Piglet is that his laning phase is quite balanced meaning that he knows when to harass and when to farm.

Bengi the jungler is probably best known for his Shen, but aside from Shen he definitely loves the high mobility, high skill cap champions who can carry the game out of the jungle (lee, zed, shaco). The most impressive thing to note about bengi’s playing style is that he is very fearless in his plays and as a jungler this could be a good asset since a moment of indecision could be a huge difference between a successful dive or a failed attempt.

Finally, Faker the midlaner is known for playing anything and everything in the mid lane. He can bring out a traditional AP such as Ryze or a rarely used AP such as Syndra. He can also play the traditional AD mages like Kha or play an unconventional character like AP Ezreal and carry the game. When you watch Faker play, what you can notice is the high accuracy on his skill shots. The other thing to note about Faker is that even if he’s doing bad in the lane, you can always count on him to rack up the kill count, especially in a team fight situation.  

 Perhaps the final reason that people do have so much anticipation for this trio is that other members of this so called “new generation”, such as ssumday, Kakao and Loray have all shown that their high individual skill level can translate into success at the highest level.


The Unknown

Being a completely new team has down sides to it but it also has various good sides. One good thing about being an unknown team is that the team’s playing style remains unknown.  It’s probably fair to say that SKT2 has had the least amount of exposure competitively out of the twelve teams and with this advantage they may just gain enough leverage to gain draws in their tough group.

 The other advantage that this team has as I mentioned is the inherent versatility in the team in terms of picks and bans. Due to the fact that all of their players can play a variety of champions at a high level, you can never know what kind of a team comp this SKT2 team will throw your way. Especially in the current format if the SKT2 team prepares a surprise tactic for one of their two matches then the opposing team can easily be caught out for the first game which would put them under a huge strategic and mental disadvantage. The other notable thing to mention is that during an interview, the SKT coach mentioned that in a blind pick setting the  5 mid strategy of GSG may seem *normal* compared to what the SKT2 team could potentially showcase.


Team Weaknesses

How will this the cast of players play as a team?

 From what we’ve seen so far, the SKT2 team did not exhibit many fatal flaws in their line-up but their matches were against amateur opponents thus it was unclear how the team would fare as a whole against a strong opponent. It could happen to be that the team wins out the laning phase due to their individual abilities but without the proper game managing skills, these advantages could be all for naught.  In addition, due to the fact that their team consists of two main damage dealers who are competing in the highest level for the first time, it remains to be seen if they can shy away from their soloq habits in such a short time span to make the appropriate sacrifices for the team and follow the team calls instead of going to farm. The other suspect of their game is their team fight ability when the teams are even in ability. It's unclear if the tanks (especially bengi) will be able to decide exactly when to peel and when to go in for the opposite carries instead of always just charging in for the opposite carries. Another interesting thing to note is the bot lane synergy. ManDu has been known to play unconventional supports like Leblanc but other than that he rarely plays normal supports like Sona or Taric. We’ll have to see if Piglet can synergize well with the unconventional ManDu.

Are the kids really alright?

We know that the young players on this team have great individual skills and confidence in their abilities but could that potentially backfire on them? Countless times, you could see players making impossible looking plays which end up being disadvantageous but they do it anyways simply because it’s “worth”.  The SKT2 team better hope that their young players don’t feel like they’re superheroes and can pull off plays that they imagine in their heads. The other important aspect of the being a professional LoL player is the mental aspect of the game. Everything will be all good and well when they`re winning but what will happen when they lose and worse if they get completely outplayed by the opposition. Will the young players have what it takes to recuperate in a high pressure environment to perform well after devastating losses or will they crumble under the lime light and never live up to expectations? All these question marks remain to with this team.

What about the older members of the team

 It’s true that Impact along with Daydream was the best player on a weak Xenics Storm team but it’s unclear if that will translate into Impact being relevant in higher level play. Impact has always been a professional player ever since his support days and he was always a consistent performer. Last season in the NLB, he showed that he could be a consistent force in the top lane as well. What is worrisome is that Impact is probably the player who will be asked to sacrifice (in terms of choosing champs, farming, etc.) most for the team since he along with the support have the least carry potential on this team. This could potentially be a dangerous proposition for Impact. If he is sacrificed for the greater good of the team, he could be walking the fine line between staying relevant or irrelevant in every game.

The other elder member of the team ManDu is probably the biggest question mark on the team. Aside from the well documented fact that he does not play conventional supports, his supporting ability is average from what he’s shown us. In the old GSG team, he demonstrated that on a good day he can play a decent Blitz and make plays for the team (which should bode well for him considering Thresh is OP) and generally speaking he prefers to play the aggressive kill lane type of champs. Other than the kill lane champs however, it still remains to be seen how he fares on normal support champs.


Key Player Faker (Mid)

If Faker wanted to test his skills against the best mids in Korea, he got his wish when the groups were drawn. In his group he will have to go against Ssong, Ambiton, Zero, Easyhoon and dade. All of those players are experienced, highly skilled and they all possess the ability to carry their team to victory at any given opportunity. If Faker can prove that he can be in their league every game then SKT2 will have a good chance of surviving their group ahead of the MVP teams and KTA but should he look like if he’s out of their league, this year’s SKT2 team will not avoid being in the cellars of group A. SKT2’s season depends on the shoulders of their super rookie.


Season expectations

While they look tremendously talented and ready to cause an uproar in the scene, their group is extremely difficult to compete in. Should they get into the playoffs however, they can potentially win against the opponents from the weaker group B and become this year’s KTB.





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SKT T1 (2)  (0) 2013.03.29
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MVP Ozone  (0) 2013.03.26
CJ Entus Blaze  (0) 2013.03.26

iG vs NJ SWD

League of Legends 2013.03.27 06:31

Warning Spoilers

Today's matchup of iG and NJ SWD was rather a lop sided match-up. I felt that it was a clash between a team already in-season form vs a team that was still tuning to get ready for their season (in addition to being mired in a mini-slump). It also showed us that iG as a team has grown considerably and that beating WE in the LPL was no fluke at all. 

Game 1 picks and bans 

iG bans: Twisteed Fate, Sona, Evelyn

SWD bans: Jarvan, Miss Fortune, Elise 

iG picks: Lulu, Voli, Malp, Varus, Diana 

SWD picks: Rumble, Thresh, Kayle, Kogmaw, Xin Zhao

In Game 1 of the set, iG got an early lead when they got fb on Kayle and never looked back. Zz1tai on Diana and Illusion on Volibear was causing mayhem and havoc throughout and Sword simply did not have an answer for either of these two. And when PDD recovered from being set behind by laning in a 2 v 1, the flood gates really opened and sword simply had no chance of winning beyond that point. PraY did admirably considering that his solo laners were performing subpar but against iG's extreme dive comp, PraY could do not but watch as his team cast a surrender vote in Game 1. 

Things to note from Game 1: Ssong's questionable first item Hexdrinker on Kayle, impeccable dragon timing from iG, the ineffectiveness of Watch. 

Game 1 picks and bans 

iG bans: Twisteed Fate, Sona, Evelyn

SWD bans: Jarvan, Miss Fortune, Rumble 

iG picks: Elise, Lulu, Varus, Karthus, Hecarim 

SWD picks: Shen, Voli, Kayle, Thresh, Twitch

In Game 2 of the set, NJ SWD was the one to have a head start as they were able to get fb on illusion but in the lane, Kayle was constantly being out played by Karthus losing trade after trade before lv 6. Even though SWD was winning in the top lane and even in the bottom lane, iG was able to pull off successful dragons since Zz1tai's Karthus was too much for SWD to handle. During mid game the gold was even and it looked like the game could go either way and Zz1tai's Karthus did get caught out a couple of times leading to the gold being even for quite a while. However as soon as Zz1tai bought his Seraph's embrace, the game was effectively over as Karthus was not insta killable and iG would do a great job of diving towards Twitch and killing him each time a team fight broke out. In the end the game was a rout (Zz1tai troll requiem and celebratory Zhonya's from PDD) as iG took the 2nd Game on a surrender as well. 

Things to note from Game 2: Ssong's stubborn choice going hexdrinker once again. MakNooN's best performance in a long time. Zz1tai and illusion's amazing carry. 

Wrap-up: SWD really needs to pick their game up if they want a shot at competing not only in the SWL but in OGN Champions. Every team has bad days and different times when they peak but the performance that SWD gave was very lack luster. 

On the other hand iG just showed us that the Chinese scene definitely needs more recognition with their trouncing of a very good team. If iG can keep this pace up for the rest of the Season, then they will be a very scary team to face come S3 world championships. 

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Groups for OGN Spring  (2) 2013.03.29
iG vs NJ SWD  (0) 2013.03.27

MVP Ozone - can they live up to their hype?

Homme (Top)


DanDy (Jungle)


dade (Mid)


imp (AD)


Mata (Support)



-          5 – 8th place Champions Winter (0:3 NJSW)

-          5 – 8th place NLB Winter (0:2 NJSHD)

-          7th – 12th place SWL (2W 1T 2L)


Team overview


The MVP progaming team was a household name even before their LoL team was formed due to their successes in the SC2 scene (DRG OP). However, when they announced that they would launch not one but 3 teams in the League of Legends scene many fans were excited to see what kind of a product they would produce.  However, due to unfortunate circumstances, MVP Red was disbanded even before they could compete in a single OGN Champions tournament and MVP blue ended up being the only team to compete during the Summer season (they lost all 3 games to finish last in their group).  In the meanwhile, MVP white competed in the Summer season of NLB and won giving them an automatic bid in the Winter season of OGN the Champions.  In the group stage, MVP White performed admirably exceeding all expectations and finishing second in their group. However, they were overmatched in their quarterfinal set against NJSW and also bowed out to NJSHD in the NLB ending their season. As soon as the season ended, MVP White along with MVP Blue underwent complete overhauls. First, the team was no longer called MVP White but they were now sponsored by Ozone to become MVP Ozone. Second they released their mid player Mima as well as their support Min9 and brought in the former CJ Entus mid laner dade as well as former MVP Red/BBT support player Mata. The result of a revamped roster was remarkable as MVP Ozone won 2:0 against TPA and while they did lose 0:2 to NJSW, both of the games were incredibly close. These results showed that mvp Ozone may become a new powerhouse in the Spring Season.


Team Strengths

Ultra aggressive bot lane


If I had to pick a player who has improved the most throughout the Winter season and before the Spring season I would no doubt choose imp along with his MVP teammate easyhoon. Imp has shown that he has phenomenal mechanics along with his super aggressive play in lane and in team fights. Imp is a player who’s not afraid to flash forward to secure the kill while this does get him into sticky situations from time to time, it works out most of the time. A bot lane however is not complete without the support. Mata and imp has shown a high level of synergy ever since Mata’s arrival and with Mata as a definite upgrade over their previous support small brain and min9, MVP Ozone’s bot lane should be able to compete with any duo in the tournament. 




Being one of the original members of MVP White, DanDy has long been engrained into the memory of many fans being the best member of the team. However now that the level of his teammates had risen considerably, it was yet to be seen if he was just a mediocre player on a bad team or if he indeed was a good player being bogged by bad teammates. In the SWL, he definitely showed the world that he wasn’t just a mediocre player but he had the right to be in the discussion of one of the best junglers in Korea. Against TPA, DanDy single handedly won game 1 and even game 2 by out jungling one of the best junglers in the world Lilballz. The most impressive thing about DanDy’s playing was that he played as if he had a map hack on and he was able to perform successful counter ganks one after the other as well as successful counter jungling time after time. With aggressive jungling being the trend, it’ll be interesting to see how much counter ganking prowess DanDy can exercise during the Spring Season and if he and team MVP Ozone can finally achieve something in the OGN Champions tournament.


**Team Weaknesses**


Inconsistent performance of dade


dade was the number one ranked player on the Korean server for a long time before the original CJ Entus picked him up as their mid lane player. So far in his career, he has shown that on a good day he can play at the highest level but on a bad day, you wouldn’t even be able to notice if dade was in the game. Perhaps this inconsistency was why MVP Ozone first tried to test a controversial mid lane player known as Crumble Cookies (the IWD of Korea, received a 100 yr ban) instead of dade. What’s most frustrating about dade is that he has the mechanics, the champion pool and the competitive experience to be one of the best mid laners but even when he’s having a good game, he can make a really bad mistake that’s costs his team the game (Khazix game against Frost, Jayce game against NJSW in the SWL). Needless to say MVP Ozone will need the good dade if they have any hope of advancing further than the RO8 this time around. 


The ever ordinary top laner Homme


In most cases, ordinary is usually good enough but in the case of the Korean top lane, ordinary will usually make you look really bad. If such was the case for Lpanda last season, then this may become the case for Homme this season. Homme by no means is a bad player, he can farm, he has a decent champion pool and usually he doesn’t feed terribly. However, the problem is that he has never shown the potential to be a difference maker. In the game against NJSW, if Homme could have limited the damage done by PraY much the same way PDD and illusion were able to, there’s no doubt that MVP would have won 2:0 to NJSW instead of losing by that same score. Unfortunately for MVP Ozone, Homme would always get decimated before he even had a chance to go in on PraY every time because he would be very predictable in trying to go after PraY which led to successful disengagements one after the other, separating the initiating tanks from the rest of the team each time. Homme will need to improve his game or risk being the new star for Monte and doa’s Agony series. 


Bad late game management


The current MVP Ozone in many ways remind me of the old NJ SWD in its infancy. In their lane phase they can usually get ahead thanks to the aggressive plays coming out from the mid lane and the bot lane along with some well-timed ganks. The problem arises when it comes for time for team fighting to occur. They showed that even with a moderate lead, MVP Ozone would engage in team fights only to come out even or losing in their matches against TPA and NJ SWD. In the latter match, their continual disadvantage in team fights was what cost them the victory in both matches. This may be a result of having a new roster as the team is probably still taking time to figure out their respective roles in different types of situations. Regardless, if they truly want to be recognized as an elite team, then they must learn to snowball their advantages to victory

Key Player: dade (Mid)


Even with their influence being reduced in Season 3, mid players can still decide the outcome of a game more often than not. This is the reason why dade is cruicial for MVP Ozone’s success this season. With a less than stellar top liner, dade has to be the backbone of this team along with imp and DanDy to be a reliable force every match. Dade has already shown on his previous team which eerily resembles his current team (mediocre top, good jungle and good bot lane) that how well he performs is closely correlated to how well his team performs. As such it will be interesting if he can live up to expectations and show everyone why he was the former number 1 ranked player in Korea. 


Season expectations


MVP Ozone is a tough team to judge while I do believe they are one of the better teams around, it’s uncertain if they can compete with the top teams yet. If they can replicate what they did during the group stage last year, then I do believe they can go further than last year should they get a favourable match-up (team style wise). However, with a field as deep as this year’s Champion’s Spring Team MVP Ozone may be the tough luck miss-outs in the group stage. I expect 3 ~ 5th spot in the group stage for them. 

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MVP Ozone  (0) 2013.03.26
CJ Entus Blaze  (0) 2013.03.26
AhQ Korea  (1) 2013.03.26

CJ Entus Blaze - is Spring their time to shine once more?

Flame (Top)


Helios (Jungle)


Ambition (Mid)


Cpt. Jack (AD)


Lustboy (Supp)


Team overview

Being two time MLG winners, winners of the 2013 IEM world championships, winners of the inaugural OGN Champions along with a couple of 4th place finishes in the last two OGN Champions, CJ Entus Blaze is no doubt one of the best teams in the world. All the accolades aside, they are also one of the only teams in the Korean scene to have kept the core of their roster over the past year (only change being Reapered leaving the team for Flame). With stability in the roster, Blaze boasts unparalleled teamwork unlike no other. From top to bottom, this roster is filled with talent and the members of Blaze expect a win in every tournament that they compete in. OGN the Spring is no exception


Blaze is a team that has been known for their aggressive tower pushes and lane swaps. When Reapered was still on the team, he would freely swap mid top and bot lanes in order to mask the weak laning of their bot duo and to this day Blaze likes to utilize lane swaps if they feel that the bot lane matchups are unfavourable for them. By pushing towers early swapping lanes back, pushing more towers and gaining objectives Blaze tends to build a good gold lead which they use to engage an advantageous team fight in order to snowball further and further into a dominant victory.


Team Strengths:

Blaze mid laner Ambition is always in the discussion of being the best mid players in Korea. With his vast pool of champions, consistent play and godly game sense you can always count on Ambition to perform at a high level in any game. The top laner Flame has also grown unbelievably (from the guy who bought 2 phages) since being acquired by Blaze after the Season 2 championships. Being a top laner in the region with arguably the best tops is a difficult job (poor Lpanda, Kangqui) but Flame has proven that with his impeccable mechanics he could go toe to toe with any top laner in Korea and even dominate when given the opportunity.  Flame has also increased his champion pool so much that it is no longer viable to target bans against him. The luxury of having two top tier solo laners allows Blaze to lane swap freely in any situation with the belief that both Flame and Ambition can hold their own in a 2 v 1 setting.


Finally, perhaps the best strength of Blaze has been their ability to snowball even a small lead to victory and this can be credited to their amazing team fight ability. When it comes to team fight setting, Blaze is definitely one of the best in the world. Every member of their team knows exactly what to do once a team fight begins but one person who shines the brightest in a 5 v 5 team fight setting is their ADC Cpt. Jack. Cpt. Jack with his great positioning and mechanical skills is able to deal an incredible amount of damage in every team fight and you can see often that teams try to engage in on him first when facing Blaze. 


Team Weaknesses: 

When Reapered left, Blaze lost their tactician and shot caller. The duty was then assigned mainly to Helios but other members also tend to chip in from time to time. This became a problem for Blaze during the Winter Season and persists to this day (their match against GG in IEM world championships during the group stage being a good example) where questionable calls led to losses. In addition, their overall management of the game has noticeably deteriorated from their Reapered days.


The one thing which has remained since the days of Reapered is their weak bot lane during the lane phase. It was no coincidence that when NJ Sword first came out, they could consistently dominate Blaze whenever they faced each other because top and bot would always fall behind during the laning phase which led to Ambition being focused every game. After Flame improved, the top lane was no longer a problem but their bot lane still fell behind many times during in the lane because of Cpt. Jack’s tendency to just play safe and farm (tendency is also seen in his favoured choice of ADCs Vayne, Kog, Trist). And with the dawn of Season 3 where the ADC’s ability to carry has decreased significantly, Cpt. Jack was faced with a tough task of changing his play style accordingly. The mixed results from the winter season and IEM world championships seem to suggest that there is still work to be done.


The final weakness of Blaze is their failure to adapt to new metas and new strategies. Whenever the opponent utilizes a strategy that is novel or unexpected, Blaze tends to struggle mightily against it (same goes for Frost). Prime example is against GG at Katowice, GG for their 4 games against the CJ Entus teams basically implored the same strategy (armor shred comp, early 4 man dive bot leading to dragon) but Blaze could not react to GG’s strategy even after seeing them beforehand. Even during the Summer season when they faced Frost, it was evident that they did not expect the Diana and Lux picks from RapidStar which evidently led to their downfall in the set (all 3 games that frost won were arguably carried by RapidStar). With so many new players and new teams participating, Blaze will need to be better at coping with unexpected strategies if they want to go deep in this tournament.


Key Player:  Helios (Jungle) 

Helios is the key player who will need to step up his game if Blaze wants to win the OGN Champs this time around. Helios has always been the guy mostly in the background for Blaze, doing all the things he needs to do while supporting the laners so they can carry the game and not him.  This worked very well in Season 2 where the jungler was expected fill in a secondary support role most of the time and Helios excelled at playing this role while playing champs like Chogath and Maokai. When Season 3 came around however, he was expected to do a lot more than just be a supportive jungler, he was expected to be an active ganking force and up to the end of Champions Winter, Helios showed that he wasn’t adapting properly to Season 3 and played rather poorly.


In their recent matches, Helios has shown to favour champs such as J4, Vi and Xin showing signs of change in his playing style to fit the current state of the game. For the most part, he seemed to be adapting well to this change but from time to time he seemed to be out of his comfort zone. For a player who has shown not much improvement in his playing ability since the Summer season, this season of Champions will be important for him to show that he can carry his team on his back as well. If he can show that he can be a force to be reckoned with coming out of the jungle, then there is no doubt that the Spring season will be Blaze’s time to shine once more.


Season expectations: 

At their current state, it’s still uncertain if they can compete with the aggression of NJ Sword and KTB in the early laning phase but they are still a top 4 team given that they don’t meet a team like Frost in the round of 8. However if they have addressed their issues through their training, then Spring should be their time of the year once more.


Honourable mention: 

Realized I didn’t say anything about Lustboy… best lulu in the world :D. In all seriousness, he’s one of the best supports in Korea and it’s a shame I didn’t say anything about him but I felt that Blaze’s key strengths and weaknesses don’t really revolve around Lustboy. 

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SKT T1 (2)  (0) 2013.03.29
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MVP Ozone  (0) 2013.03.26
CJ Entus Blaze  (0) 2013.03.26
AhQ Korea  (1) 2013.03.26

When I`m watching foreign tournaments (such as LPL) I find it difficult to really get into if I don`t know about many teams (other than the famous WE, iG and to some extent Royal and OMG)


So as an avid follower of this scene I decided to review one team each day (alphabetical order) before the OGN spring season starts so some people who may not be avid followers of the scene can at least know which team is which.

Be warned! The reviews come from what I`ve seen in matches mainly and they're based on my opinion so some ppl may disagree


So we start off with


AHQ Korea

Trace (top)

ActScene (Jungle)

HooN (Mid)

Promise (AD)

Loray (Support)


Team overview

When the famous Taiwanese organization announced that they would be making a sister team in Korea, people were wondering what kind of a team they would put together. When it was announced that the team would be captained by the former NJ Shield midlaner HooN people were quick to dismiss the team as HooN was viewed as a player rather beyond his prime. In any case what HooN brings to the team is vast competitive experience and the leadership he can provide to the younger players. The other members of the team is composed mostly of high ranked soloq players who have never had competitive experience in a team setting (Promise did try out with NJ SWD but PraY was much better at the time). The question for this team will be if they can meld together as a team and adapt to the lan setting in a relatively short time to perform in what is the deepest field of OGN Champions to date.


Team Strengths/Weaknesses

From their limited competitive exposure (Champions qualifying and Battle royale), it can be seen that they suffer generally from the general problems that most of the younger teams suffer mostly in trying to manage the game. This was evident especially in their match against VTG when they had to go 3 games against an amateur team. Also HooN still remains a question mark whether he would be able to hold his own against other top tier midlaners in the tournament.

Even with all their problems, their bot lane, especially the support Loray (who mains kayle supp), had an impressive showing in their appearances. The top laner Trace and jungler ActScene both have aggressive playing styles. ActScene especially plays in the mold of inSec and it will be interesting how ActScene will fare against other much more famous and experienced junglers. The combined aggression of jungle and top could also very well serve as an important tool to shut down the horde of established top laners in korea. It should also be mentioned that being such established high ranked soloq players, all members of the team have good micro skills which is always a plus and even a necessity when you’re going up against other people with similar or even better micro skills. 

Key Player: HooN (mid)

I could have mentioned Trace or ActScene or even imo their best player in Loray as the key player but I give HooN the nod as AhQ Korea’s key player for success. HooN is a player that has a lot to prove. From being released on the Najin Shield team to becoming the Captain of this new born team is no doubt a daunting task. As the oldest member of the team, HooN will not only have to provide in-game guidance but also guidance outside of the game to the other members since managing mental states is also a huge part of professional gaming. Aside from these responsibilities HooN will be expected to compete with other monsters in the midlane and none of them at this point are considered to be below HooN in skills. Form HooN and all of AhQ Korea, this tournament will be an important one to prove that they are for real and one of the contenders in the deep Korean region.


Season expectations 

I consider AhQ as the weakest out of the twelve until they prove otherwise. So unless something happens I expect them to be top 4 in the NLB at season’s end. 

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